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Let me get something of my chest before I pop

So I’m sat here feeling alone , Johnathan is going gym after work my dads car is getting fixed no one can come around that would I can’t even ask any one because everyone is fucking full of shit , my sister goes London every weekend but fucking a 40 min bus is too long , my mother travels around ducking England and traveled to Ireland to get her fanny tickled by her “guy”, my “best friend which I use lightly anyway is saying she can’t travel because it’s far yet once again to get the dick she can travel hours on a coach, then my other best friend has her own shit who gets so wrapped up on her troubles she has no room for any one but her self not even a bad thing but every once in a while people need to learn to give a little back …. Why do people use shitty excuses does my nut in. I hate lyers bull shitters attention seekers avoiders users!! I hate them and that’s what everyone is people question why I don’t trust people because everyone is actually out for them selves oh don’t get me wrong they all fucking pop up when they want something but when I’m in need it’s fucking silence and I’m not going to sit there and ask them ? Or have to tell them I’m not doing well or I tell them because there all full of fucking gas smelly methane can’t cope with the selfishness it really confuses me because I’m not like that if I new someone was down I’ll be there in a flash and I am every time but on my own birthday get let down like I said fucking methane gas ! I want to set them all on fire at least then I won’t waste my energy when they want something, can not be fucking arsed with it I really want to piss petrol and fucking burn them all in a fire right now.